Grace Landing Canoe Race

Grace Landing is a nonprofit organization that helps foster and homeless kids. They recently had a canoe race to help raise money for the cause and we happily paid the donation entrance fee, gathered up a team, and eagerly set out for the challenge.

The morning didn't start out that well... We had 15 minutes to practice and we spent more time in the water and draining the canoe than actual practice! But with a little coaching and being open to criticism and a willingness to improve, we set out for the race to compete against OUC, KUA, Gaylord Holets, Lynch Oil, Kissimmee Christian, and Toho Water

The race was set up for the teams to run 2 laps and the top two teams would face off in a head to head race. The first run we set the pace and came in at 4:05 putting us in 1st place. The 2nd lap the other teams were coming in at 4 minutes flat! The pressure was on and we set out again. This time a little more coordinated and lot more smooth, we came in hot at 3:43! Again we were in first and now the final would match us against the Lynch Oil team. 

With the adrenaline pumping, and Lynch Oil right next to us rowing as hard as they could. We put our heads down and paddled like a fine-tuned  Polynesian boat crew. We built a little lead but didn't let up. We were coming close to the finish line when we heard a big splash, Lynch Oil flipped their boat making them unable to finish. We cruised into the finish line and immediately jumped out to go back and help the other team. 

Not knowing what the day had ahead for us, we set out for the cause. From our rocky practice run in the morning to first place, it was a great time! Can't wait till next year. 

Grace Landing set out with a mission to change the physical, emotional, and spiritual futures of homeless and foster children. Their vision is for every child thriving in a loving and caring home. For more information on them or how you could help, please go to their website at