SilenceCo Summer Kick Off


Customers are eligible to receive a FREE Warlock, Spectre or Octane with the following qualifying serialized purchase:

– $700 Serialized purchase (pre-tax / pre tax stamp) qualifies customer to receive a free Warlock/Spectre
– $800 Serialized purchase (pre-tax / pre tax stamp) qualifies customer to receive a free Octane 45/9 or 45K

Consumer must make qualifying purchase between JUNE 15, 2018 – JULY 15, 2018 in order to qualify for the free suppressor.

Consumer must submit proof of purchase (must be a dated receipt – invoice alone does not qualify) by JULY 30, 2018that includes date of purchase, items and/or quantities purchased, total dollar amount purchased, indication that the item has been paid in full, and serial number for suppressor purchased.

When registering the serialized product at, the customer must identify which SilencerCo dealer they would like their free suppressor shipped to. That dealer must have valid FFL/SOT.

Customers are responsible for purchasing their tax stamp(s).

Serialized items include all silencers, Maxim 9, and Maxim 50.

Maximum of three free silencers per customer.

Customers should allow for up to 4 months for delivery of free suppressor(s) to their selected dealer.

The purchasers name, associated with the serialized suppressor, must match the name of the individual receiving the free suppressor(s) in order to validate warranty.

If a customer states they have purchased using layaway, that customer must provide a receipt stating “paid in full” before being eligible for a free suppressor.