SIG CHALK Retail Experience Program !!


SIG SAUER invited The Armories' Ryan Boyd to the annual SIG CHALK Retail Experience Program in New Hampshire. During the three day experience, the program attendees are thrown into an "Immersive product and training experience with the complete SIG SAUER product line including firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors and training at the world renowned SIG SAUER Academy." According to SIG SAUER, “The goal for SIG CHALK is two-fold. First, to bring our retail sales partners to SIG and let them see first-hand the processes and details that go into the development of SIG SAUER products. Second, to give our premier partners the opportunity to train with the elite instructors at the SIG SAUER Academy using the full spectrum of SIG products.” We at the Armories congratulate Mr. Boyd on this fantastic experience and also like to thank SIG SAUER for putting on such a fantastic and educational program. The Armories has a Full line of SIG SAUER products in stock. Check out the new SIG P365 XL