Looking for the Right optic?

Here are a series of comparisons that should help you determine which type of sight best suits your needs.


Red dot sights are available for both rifle and pistols. The primary advantage of red dot sights is the ability to acquire a target very fast. Rather than taking the time to line up the front post with the rear aperture as with iron sights, the red dot sight takes much less time and target acquisition is much much faster. Additionally, red dot sight are more accurate than iron sights.



Holographic sights are similar to red dot sight with a couple of exceptions. The main difference between holographic sights and red dot sight is the manner in which the red images is visualized. On a red dot sight the red dot is an LED light while on a holographic sight the red dot and associated red visual pattern is created by a laser.



Power consumption is a major difference between both sights. Red Dot sights consume far less power than holographic sights. Both can be left on for a considerable amount of time but in the area of power consumption, red dot sight consume much less power.

Holographic sights are still usable with front lens damage more often than red dot sights. For the most part once red dot sights have received some sort front lens damage they are pretty much toast. On the other hand, Holographic sights can still function accurately after significant front lens damage.

One major difference between the two sights is that of magnification. The red dot on a red dot sight gets larger with increased magnification while the holographic sight's red dot remains the same size. Why is this important? The increased size of the red dot's red dot will hide or obscure a target at greater magnification

Finally, a major difference between the two, red dot sights and holographic sights is price. Red dot sights can be purchased for as little as $60.00-$100.00 while holographic sight can get quite costly - $200 and up. Now keep in mind there are a lot of cheap low quality knock-offs available and you definitely are getting what you pay for. Do not expect low cost optics to perform as well as or even close to higher priced optics - both red dot and holographic sight.

Hopefully this article was helpful in helping you decide which type of optic is best for you. For a full selection of red dot and holographic sights - as well as a wide variety of other scopes - click on the link below to browse our selection.