SilencerCo will be holding a FREE informational class on Silencers. There will be snacks and drinks and each attendee will be entered for a chance to win a FREE SILENCER! (Winner will be responsible for the tax stamp). Our SilencerCo rep will bring samples of their products and also hold a presentation on these items. Additionally, SilencerCo will be holding an onsite Q&A session. Additional points of discussion will include:

• Introduction and brief history of silencers and National Firearms Act

• Benefits of shooting suppressed and practical applications of silencers

• Company overview of SilencerCo and how we became the market leader

(quality, warranty, innovation)

• Description of purchase process, trust vs. individual, SS kiosk and ease of

purchasing when using Armories

• General technical information on products and value proposition Q&A

You will have three chances to attend and three chances to win - and three chances for free food and more importantly three chances to get any and all of your questions answered. You have no excuses. DON’T MISS THESE EVENTS !!!

Tuesday August 20th, 2019 @ The Armory Kissimmee @ 7:00pm

Wednesday August 21st, 2019 @ The Armory Oviedo 7:00pm

Thursday August 22nd, 2019 @ The Armory Winter Garden 7:00pm




Thank you to all those who attended the The Armories/ Silencer Co event. It was a very well attended and informative and all guests had their questions answered and the Silencer Co representative stayed and answered any and all questions.